Toll-free numbers in Spain

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  • Easy to remember phone numbers
  • Free to dial from mobile phones and landlines
  • Option to limit incoming calls to one Spanish region
  • Direct callers to any phone number worldwide
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Available numbers
900 49 40 54
900 53 50 73
900 87 61 42
900 87 61 84
900 94 32 08
900 94 32 09
900 94 32 13
900 94 32 18

Why get a toll-free phone number in Spain?

Phone numbers that begin with 800 or 900 are free of charge for Spanish callers. The functionalities of both numbers are the same, but the 800 series was created when the 900 numbers were in danger of running out. Conveniently, the 800 prefix is identical to those of toll-free numbers elsewhere in Europe.

Spain’s toll-free numbers begin with 800 or 900 and are followed by six digits. It is possible to register a phoneword in Spain, but in general the Spaniards are unfamiliar with these numbers. However, you are free to choose the best number combination from the phone numbers that we have available.

A free 0800-number is a perfect solution to be reachable for your existing German customers and to attract new customers in Germany.

A free-of-charge phone number is the perfect strategy to attract callers. It removes any obstacles for existing and new clients to calling you.

Spanish 800 numbers and 900 numbers are virtual phone numbers. This means that callers are instantly transferred to existing phone lines: landlines, mobile phone numbers or VoIP numbers.

These service numbers are affordable and can be configured rápido thanks to our cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform and our unique online dashboard. This is one of the best investments you can make if you’re considering entering the Spanish market.

Advantages of 800- and 900-numbers in Spain

Available numbers in Spain

When it comes to foreign languages, Spain has traditionally been one of the worst students in Europe's class. That's why your conquest of the Spanish market requires your agents to speak (fluent) Spanish. Combined with a freephone number, this will make success inevitable.
  • Many phone numbers readily available
  • Direct callers to any number(s) worldwide
  • Lots of extra features and options
  • Change your settings online

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per month

Costs: starting at 7ct/min within Spain, 10ct/min abroad, plus 4 ct per call
One-time installation charges €90

The most complete set of features

Many providers of toll-free numbers in Spain charge extra for additional features. It is not uncommon that you have to pay extra to use prerecorded messages, a phone menu, a call queue or voice2email. Each of these can easily cost you 10 to 75 euros a month extra.

We believe these features are so important, that they should be part of the standard package, included with every number. That is why we have included all these features in your monthly subscription fee.