902-numbers in Spain

A Spanish service number with fixed, low costs
  • National appeal
  • Choose your own 902-number
  • Low call tariff
  • Attracts serious callers
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Get your own 902-number
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Available numbers
902 75 70 21
902 75 71 00
902 75 73 74
902 75 73 79
902 75 73 96
902 75 74 38
902 75 75 39
902 75 75 48

Why register a 902-number in Spain?

When you’re going to do business in Spain, you can choose between different types of telephone numbers in this country.

Spain has a number of different type of telephone numbers for you to choose from. Toll-free numbers in Spain start with a 800- or 900-prefix. Then are national phone numbers that can have a 901- or 902-prefix.

Advantages of a 902-number in Spain

Available numbers in Spain

When you start doing business in Spain, it’s a good idea to get a phone number in the country. A 902-number lowers the threshold for a population that barely speaks foreign languages.

Claiming your 902-number is a breeze with Call Factory. You choose from a list of available numbers and can then start using your phone number in a matter of minutes. The fixed monthly costs make this an ideal service number.
  • Your phone number registered within minutes
  • Transfer callers to any phone number worldwide
  • Generous package of additional features
  • Change your settings online

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per month

Costs: starting at 7ct/min within Spain, 10ct/min abroad, plus 4 ct per call
One-time installation charges €90

The most complete set of features

Many providers of 902-numbers in Spain charge extra for additional features. It is not uncommon that you have to pay extra to use prerecorded messages, a phone menu, a call queue or voice2email. Each of these can easily cost you 10 to 75 euros a month extra.

We believe these features are so important, that they should be part of the standard package, included with every number. That is why we have included all these features in your monthly subscription fee.