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These numbers are easy to remember for callers because they use specific patterns of repeating numbers.

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Advantages of a 808- and 809-number in Portugal

Enjoy all the extra features included when you register your Portuguese 808- and 809-number through the Call Factory. See why so many organisations have trusted us with their servicenumber.
  • Easy online registration
  • Attractive for callers
  • Works to your existing phone line within Portugal or abroad
  • Manage your numbers' settings online or with our mobile apps
  • Includes an extensive set of extra features

More about our many extra features.

Register your 808- and 809-number in Portugal through the Call Factory and gain access to extra features, including call statistics, call recording, welcome messages, Virtual receptionist, Call queuing, Voice2email, and more.


Regardless how many of our included features you use, you always pay a low, monthly fee.


per month

Costs: starting at 7ct/min within Portugal, 10ct/min abroad, plus 4 ct per call
One-time installation charges €90