Call Factory
mobile Apps

Number owners and employees manage
their availability from their phone.
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Use it right away

You can log in with the same codes that you use for the My Call Factory control panel. After you download the app you can begin using it right away.

Change destinations

Do you wish to change your service number’s destination? Simply choose a previously entered destination from the list or enter a new number. Your change is effective immediately. This allows you to ensure that you are always available, wherever you are.

Manage frequently used destinations

Create a list of frequently used destinations and assign a recognisable name to each telephone number. You will never have to enter this number again. Instead, you simply select the destination from the list and we will make sure that the right phone will start ringing.

Familiar and reliable

Your employees have a choice of using either our app or our online tool to manage their availability.

Change availability

After your employees log in, they can easily change their availability by selecting one of the pre-sets: available, on break or not available. The status changes immediately and call routing is automatically adjusted.

View statistics

A useful table gives your employees an overview of the conversations they had. At a glance, they can view information about days, times, callers and call durations.