1. Overflow

Are all your employees busy? To prevent callers from queuing, you can have the so-called “overflow” transferred automatically to another location like, for example, an external call centre or another branch.

2. Voice2email

Is someone calling you outside of your opening hours or is the queue too long? You can decide to have your callers leave a message. This allows your clients to ask their question and gives them the feeling of being assisted as quickly as possible. You will receive the audio recordings at the desired email address, after which you can decide whether immediate action is required.

3. Time and date routing

Is someone calling you outside of office hours, in the weekend or during a holiday? The Call Factory offers you various options for routing. You can set the times and dates on which routing to a different destination needs to take place.

4. Routing based on prefix

Are you using one national number, but do you wish to transfer callers to a regional or local branch of your organisation? Activate this option to have our IVR-system route callers based on their prefixes.

5. Routing based on postal code

If you have many branches or locations – for example, several per city – this option might be interesting. After callers connect, our IVR asks them to enter the four digits of their postal code. We will then route them to whichever of your branches is closest to them.