Value for money

Due to the increasing number of providers, there is plenty of competition in the telecom industry. This amount of pressure on the rates means that there are plenty of pitfalls: low rates for a basic package with surcharges for each extra feature. In the end, the low rate turns out to be anything but that. Add to this the fact that, as your organisation changes, so will your needs and wishes change over time. You might quickly discover the true cost of having your service number grow along with your organisation.

Clients of the Call Factory get access to so many extra features as a standard part of their subscription that they hardly ever have to pay for additional functions. A complete overview of all extra functions that are part of a Call Factory subscription is given below.

Your call statistics are the foundation of quality customer contact. Know where your callers are based, what the busiest days and times are.

Is your call centre closed or too busy at the moment? With voice2email you can record voicemails and send them to the desired email address as audio files.

Give your callers several options and have them choose with the numerical keys. With a virtual receptionist they can reach the right person quicker and you will improve your client experience.

Is a call coming in via your service number or via your local number? A short announcement tone will let you know when a caller has dialled your service number.

Payment of your revenue

Not all providers handle this process quickly enough. Providers for whom service numbers are not the core business activity might occasionally overlook a payment, since paying revenue comes with plenty of administrative work.

At the Call Factory, Freephone and premium rate numbers are our core business. In other words: we are fully dedicated to offering these telephone numbers and we have the service to prove it. Part of this is our guarantee to pay you your revenue within a month.

Is your provider really a provider?

Many online providers are merely middle-men. This means that you cannot contact them in case of administrative or technical questions. This might leave you feeling like you are not getting anywhere. Changes are made too late or not at all and waiting times quickly ramp up.

Is the service number registered to your name?

As a user, you want your service number to be registered to your name. If you ever decide to switch providers, this should not mean losing your number. After all, you have made a sizeable investment to spread the word about your number and get it operational. By making sure that your service number is registered to your organisation’s name, you can prevent frustration and extra marketing and promotional costs.

Call Factory understands this and therefore always registers numbers to its clients’ names. Your service number is your service number.

Poor quality connections

As the owner of a Freephone or premium rate number, you expect perfect quality connections and clarity for your calls. You expect the provider to guarantee that this will be the case. Still, connecting a caller from your service number to your destination number – a process also known as “routing” – is not always done without a hitch.

Call Factory is proud to offer you crystal-clear, interference-free service numbers. We use modern ISDN-lines and ditto IVR-systems for our routing process. We refuse to compromise when it comes to quality: your availability and your revenue are directly related, after all.

Vanishing providers

It might happen: you register a service number with a provider, only to have them disappear without a trace. Suddenly, your number is unavailable and you are left with the unpleasant financial consequences. You should therefore carefully examine a provider’s website. How long has the company been in business? What well-known brands use the services of this provider? What are other clients saying about the company’s quality of service on sites like Google+?

Will Call Factory be your provider?

The aforementioned information should protect you against the pitfalls of choosing a provider. You have also gotten an idea about the services that the Call Factory offers. If you are interested in our services, take a look on our toll-free, national or premium-rate pages to see what numbers are available in which countries. We would be honoured to become your new provider.