What are the advantages?

The SMS organizer in everyday use

Call Factory’s customers make use of the SMS organizer in all kinds of novel ways. You can, for example, congratulate a customer or colleague with his or her birthday, send a reminder when someone has not yet signed a contract or notify a group of customers of a new service you’re offering. Undoubtedly, you can come up with even more applications for this useful tool yourself.

Custom text message functionality: API

We give our customers access to the SMS organizer’s Application Programming Interface (API) to enable extensive functionalities. This allows you to send text messages from your own environment. One of our customers uses the SMS organizer’s API to send its customers a confirmation via text message of agreements made over the phone. This is useful when callers do not have pen and paper handy and it is also a clever way of sending codes, data, telephone numbers and other reminders.


Get started today

The SMS Oranizer is included with your Call Factory subscription.

Not a custosmer yet? Register your own toll-free or premium rate number in your country of choice online today and get access to this extra features.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Using the SMS Organizer

As number owner you have full access to the SMS Organizer from within your online dashboard.
After logging in, select SMS Organizer from the main menu. Here, you will find all the options for sending an SMS, to manage contacts, create and manage groups of contacts and review a history of sent SMSs.

Send text message
Message history
Group management
Easy and convenient

With our SMS organizer, composing and sending text messages has never been easier.

A clear overview

You can view all previously sent messages in a clear overview.

Manage contacts

Extremely useful when you often send text messages to the same contacts.

Manage your own recipient groups

Do you regularly send text messages to the groups of co-workers or customers? Group management makes it easy and gives you full control.