The benefits in short

Combine with other features

Every Freephone or premium rate number has one or several ring-to numbers. The Manage ring-to number feature lets you conveniently manage all these ring-to numbers. The feature can be combined with any other function that is available under your Call Factory subscription and works with your existing telephone infrastructure.

Smart combinations of features will allow you to get even more out of your telephone number. Fixed daily or weekly opening hours can be scheduled to automatically change the ring-to number or to divert to voice2email. In that case, callers will hear a custom pre-recorded message, after which they are transferred to your voice2email.

If you are temporarily unable to take calls during holidays and vacation periods, we can simply create a Holiday Calendar for you that will transfer calls to an alternative ring-to number or play an out-of-office notification.

There are many more ways to combine features. Talk to one of our specialists for advise on what is the perfect solution for your specific situation.

Simple, at no extra cost

A Call Factory subscription allows you to change your ring-to numbers at any time at no extra charge.

Call Factory's Manage ring-to numbers will ensure that you can keep providing that perfect service to your callers. This service is available to all Call Factory customers. If you would like to know more, please contact us at 0800-BELFABRIEK.

Not a customer yet? Our Freephone and Premium rate number subscriptions come with a complete package of extra features. For more information, contact us.

Complete control

Take control of your telephone communication. Receive all revent information on time and be empowered to act timely and relevant to change as they happen. Your Call Factory subscription gives you access to advanced features such as Call Filters, Real-time Statistics, the ability to change your Ring-to number and any other number settings, giving you full control over your telephonenumber.

Real-time statistics
Discover trends
Full control
Change settings
Voice email
Real-time statistics

The graphical display of statistics and the clear top 10-lists are constantly being updated. You can see what is happening in your department right now.

Discover trends

Analyse conversations based on their duration, the number of conversations or the busiest days. Based on these trends, you can adjust the size of your workforce without worries.

With Call Factory, you are always in full control of your Premium-rate or Freephone number.
Always full control

Wherever you are and whatever the time, you can always access your online dashboard to turn functions on or off or to change settings.

Changes are implemented immediately

At Call Factory, we implement changes almost immediately. This allows you to respond quickly in case of, for example, unexpected busy periods.

Listen to your voicemail anywhere

Another handy feature: receive your voicemails via email, so that you can take action right away once the busy period is over or after closing time.