Benefits of using Call recording

Recording your telephone conversations provides you with a backup and evidence of the call, but it also is a unique tool with which to improve the quality of your customer service.


Using Call recording means that you can:

Activate call recording today

Convinced of the benefits of Call recording? This feature can be enabled for any telephonenumber via our online control panel.

Not a customer yet? Our Freephone and Premium rate number subscriptions come with a complete package of extra features. For more information, simply contact us.

Use cases

Our call recording features are so versatile that almost every organisation has a use for this functionality.
Teamleaders at callcentres use call recordings in performance appraisals.
Team members can log their calls more accurately after the call finishes and play back parts of the recorded calls as needed.
Call recording is also used as proof of transaction and to verify that security procedures are adhered to.

Complete overview

At a glance, you will get an overview of all your recordings; per day, week or month.

One-click playback

Playing back conversations is as easy as reading your email. You can listen to conversations online or download individual recordings for archiving.

Manage your subscription

You can choose between two clear subscription types. Change your subscription with a single click, as often as you want.