Congratulations, you have just registered your freephone or premium-rate number and are now the proud owner of your own servicenumber! But what now? What if the line is...

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Have you ever thought about registering a servicenumber? With the affordable subscription from the Call Factory, which come with a complete packages of extra features, the question actually shouldn’t be if you are going to...

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A freephone number is a service telephone number that is always free of charge for the person who calls. The servicenumber owner pays the costs.

Why choose a freephone number?

A free-to-call servicenumber is a customer friendly...

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Increasingly, customers find companies through search results on a mobile device. Research by Google* has shown that 70% of mobile searches directly result in a telephone call to one of the companies listed.

As a freephone or premium-rate...

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With a population of around 11 million, Belgium is an interesting market to target. With a Freephone or Premium rate number, you make it easy for your existing and...

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Registering your own Premium-rate or Freephone number is the first step to getting your business noticed and remembered. Even more so when your business registers a vanity number.

Maybe you have just registered your own number, or maybe...

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Getting a prospect on the phone is often your biggest step towards a conversion. But that step will be much easier if you can get your potential customers to call you! To do that, you'll have to remove any barriers that might keep them dialing...

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One of the biggest contributors to our ever-more globalising world is the outsourcing of customer services to third-party call centres and customer care centres. Cost savings that can be achieved make this an attractive solution also for...

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Both in the online and the offline world, businesses are always on the hunt for new customers. But before someone can become a paying customer, you’ll have to turn them into a lead. One way of doing that is to earn their trust until they are...

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