You have launched your online web store, your stock supply is in place and your delivery process has withstood every trial. The first orders may even have come through. But have you thought about how you will be handling offline customer contact...

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How perfectly arranged customer contact can immediately result into a higher turnover is nothing new. But how can you measure the quality of your customer contact? And how can you improve it? 

Methods for quality monitoring


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If you choose to register a servicenumber at the Call Factory you will receive access to many extra features. One of these extras is the ability to record telephone calls that are made through your...

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Congratulations, you have just registered your freephone or premium-rate number and are now the proud owner of your own servicenumber! But what now? What if the line is...

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Telephone contact is one of the most effective channels for attracting and keeping customers. For companies that take their telephone activities seriously, a servicenumber is a must. But it doesn’t end there.

Registering a...

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The logic is simple: if you make it easier for existing or potential customers to contact your company, you will end up talking to them more frequently and, ultimately, increase your sales. 

For more and more companies the best way to...

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Have you ever thought about registering a servicenumber? With the affordable subscription from the Call Factory, which come with a complete packages of extra features, the question actually shouldn’t be if you are going to...

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Efficiënt customer service is as much about how you say things as it is about what you say. At the end of the telephone call, you want your customers to feel they have been helped and have been served well.

Many organisations rely on "...

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A recent article in the The New York Times highlighte how mobile phones are being used more and more for plain-old telephone conversations. In this...

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Increasingly, customers find companies through search results on a mobile device. Research by Google* has shown that 70% of mobile searches directly result in a telephone call to one of the companies listed.

As a freephone or premium-rate...

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