Many organizations are considering the switch from standard telephone lines to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. If yours is among those businesses, there’s a number of important questions you should ask yourself.

These questions include:...

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How perfectly arranged customer contact can immediately result into a higher turnover is nothing new. But how can you measure the quality of your customer contact? And how can you improve it? 

Methods for quality monitoring


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In an earlier article, we talked about the difference between contact centres and call centres. In short, contact centres handle the communication for their...

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Endless rows of cubicles with call-agents. The sound of 100 conversations going on simultaniously. Important notes stuck to the walls of the cubicles. Today's statistics shown on big screens for all agents to see. 

We all see similar...

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One of the biggest contributors to our ever-more globalising world is the outsourcing of customer services to third-party call centres and customer care centres. Cost savings that can be achieved make this an attractive solution also for...

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Both in the online and the offline world, businesses are always on the hunt for new customers. But before someone can become a paying customer, you’ll have to turn them into a lead. One way of doing that is to earn their trust until they are...

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Virtual telephone numbers, such a Freephone or Premium Rate numbers, are intended to encourage potential clients to call. These numbers help create a professional brand image of an organisation that serves a nationwide audience, and they are - if...

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The telephone is still one of the best channels for fostering client relations. And, phone calls have shown to be an extremely effective tool for turning leads into conversions. Put differently: it is easier to make a sale during a phonecall than...

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