A premium-rate number is a service number which is not free of charge for the caller. The servicenumber owner decides what tariff the caller will be charged.

The maxim tariff differs per country. Our experts can tell you precisely what...

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A freephone number is a service telephone number that is always free of charge for the person who calls. The servicenumber owner pays the costs.

Why choose a freephone number?

A free-to-call servicenumber is a customer friendly...

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Efficiënt customer service is as much about how you say things as it is about what you say. At the end of the telephone call, you want your customers to feel they have been helped and have been served well.

Many organisations rely on "...

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A recent article in the The New York Times highlighte how mobile phones are being used more and more for plain-old telephone conversations. In this...

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Increasingly, customers find companies through search results on a mobile device. Research by Google* has shown that 70% of mobile searches directly result in a telephone call to one of the companies listed.

As a freephone or premium-rate...

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With a population of around 11 million, Belgium is an interesting market to target. With a Freephone or Premium rate number, you make it easy for your existing and...

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In an earlier article, we talked about the difference between contact centres and call centres. In short, contact centres handle the communication for their...

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Registering your own Premium-rate or Freephone number is the first step to getting your business noticed and remembered. Even more so when your business registers a vanity number.

Maybe you have just registered your own number, or maybe...

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Endless rows of cubicles with call-agents. The sound of 100 conversations going on simultaniously. Important notes stuck to the walls of the cubicles. Today's statistics shown on big screens for all agents to see. 

We all see similar...

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More and more services are available as ‘cloud solutions’. Whether it’s recruitment, marketing, PR or accounting, virtually anything can be arranged online.

One online application that businesses have embraced is the virtual telephone...

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