The maxim tariff differs per country. Our experts can tell you precisely what tariffs are possible in the country or countries you are interested in.

Being the owner of a premium-rate number thus it is possible to make a profit from telephone conversations. 

Why register a premium-rate number?

For companies and organisations, a premium-rate number is a customer friendly, national service number which gives your work activities a national appearance. In addition, the use of a premium-rate number projects an image of a reliable, professional organization. 

A premium-rate number is used by large and small companies for various purposes, from customer service to information provision and sales. 

Callers know that a premium-rate number isn’t free of charge and, if you clearly communicate the call tariff, won’t hesitate to call you.

How does it work?

A premium-rate number is a virtual number which is forwarded to one or more regular telephone numbers. These numbers are also called ring-to numbers and you can select them yourself. Ring-to numbers can be changed at any given moment.

People who call a premium-rate number are forwarded to the ring-to number of your choice by means of our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This ring-to number could be your telephone at home or at your office, but also your mobile phone. Extra costs may be charged by telecom companies for forwarding to mobile phones. This differs per country and our experts will be able to tell you what applies in your country.

Extra features 

We offer many extra features with our service numbers: think of a whisper tone, real-time statistics, Voice2email, Virtual receptionist, or other flexible call routing options like our telephone carousel. All these extras are included in your Call Factory subscription.

Why choose the Call Factory?

The Call Factory is Europe’s specialist in national freephone and premium-rate numbers. For over fifteen years, we have been the only telephone company in the Netherlands to focus exclusively on issuing and activating freephone and premium-rate numbers, under the brandname of Belfabriek. With thousands of satisfied customers, we are now offering the same service to companies outside the Netherlands.

With our subscription you will find all possible included features and a clear and organized overview of all the costs. In short: A subscription without a catch.

Register your premium-rate number today

Service telephone numbers are provided on a “first come, first served” basis. So don’t wait too long and register your own premium-rate number today!

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