With a Premium rate number your organisation signals that its serves a nationwide market. It is, therefore, no wonder that more and more organisations are exploring the options of registering their own Premium rate number.

In this article we show you that registering and setting up a Premium rate number is a relatively straightforward process. But before we continue, let’s take a good look at what a Premium rate phone number really is and what the advantages of having your own number are.

What is a Premium rate number?

A Premium rate number is a virtual phone number. This means that it is not tied to a physical phone line, but that you choose which telephone rings when someone calls. This could be your landline at the office or your mobile phone. It also allows you to route calls to a customer contact center, guaranteeing that calls are answered even after-hours.

A Premium rate number not only allows you to route calls to any telephone you prefer, it only gives you the flexibility to change this ring-to number at anytime.

Among the many advantage of a Premium rate number is that you, as the number owner, get to choose the rat

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