Mobile phones have long been used for everything, except having telephone conversations. Yet, something changed recently. That is the observation of Jenna Wortham, technology journalist at The New York Times. In the article, she describes how her friends started using their mobile phones to have conversatioins instead of chats, sending Whatsapp messages or SMSes. And Wortham's friends were not the only ones. Telephone conversations within the US have increased by 14% on an annual basis in recent years. In Europe, we're seeing the same trend of increasing calls and call-minutes for mobile users.

This is good nieuws for companies and especially for those that use servicenumbers. A recent report published by marketingresearch agency BIA/Kelsey, showed that more than two-thirds of small- and medium-sized business owners agreed that telephonecalls yield the most valuable leads.

So how can we convert this increasing number of mobile callers to paying customers? Let's start by looking at how mobile phones are now being used.

Local search

Every year, Google does research into who is using their services. Over the years they have recorded the shift from desktop to tablets and mobile. In early October this year, the search giant claimed that over half of searches are now being done on devices with screens smaller than 6 inches.

That is more than 50 billion searches being done on mobile devices every month.

Traditionally, we know that about a third of mobile searches lead to phonecalls to a company found in the search, and about a quarter of the people interviewed in similar research in recent years have indicated that these searches have led to purchases.

The BIA/Kelsey research mentioned earlier even concluded that 57% of all mobile searches lead to a visit, conversation or purchase. For desktop searches that figure stands at only seven percent.

So it quickly becomes clear that by focussing on local search results, combined with search-related advertisement, we can potentially achieve significant increases in the number of calls and conversions from these calls.

Getting started

The first step to achieve these increased conversions is to make sure that your company's website scores high in local search results. Besides well implemented search engine optimisation, you will also want to think about running search results related advertisement, using Adwords and similar systems.

In an earlier article, we showed how to use Adwords to increase the number of calls to your servicenumber. With Adwords ads that are optimised for calls, your callers are just one click away from starting that call, straight from your ads.

Analyse call statistics to increase conversions

We can optimise even further if we start by analizing calls that already lead to conversions. Are there specific times, days or locations that have higher conversion rates than others?
If you are a Call Factory customer, the extensive call statistics that are available in your online dashboard are a good place to start with this analysis.

By targeting your advertisement at those times and locations that see higher conversion rates, you can further optimise your SEO work and advertisements.

Lastly, make sure you constantly improve the quality of conversations. Use call recording to monitor and learn from conversations. Do this repeatedly to learn which conversations lead to conversions and which don't.

Get started today

As a Call Factory customer, you receive an extensive package of features with your subscription. These include both detailed call statistics and call recording.

If you have any questions, you would like to know more, or you are not a Call Factory customer yet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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