Our customers

All kinds of clients use our platform: small and medium-sized companies, multinationals, foundations and even other telecom providers. With satisfied customers in over 20 countries, Call Factory has grown into a heavyweight of the telecom industry.

Phone numbers worldwide

We provide Freephone and Premium Rate numbers, as well as Geographical numbers in a many countries around the world, in response to ever-increasing demand by companies that work across borders.

Many built-in features

Thanks to our advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-system, Call Factory customers enjoy a wide range of features that are available with every account. These features include: Virtual receptionist, voice2email, Call queueing, Direct forward, and much more. All of these features can be controlled from our unique, easy to use, online control panel. As a Call Factory customer, you are in control of your number 24/7 and your organisation will always be reachable.


Platform version 3.0

Our platform is called Galaxy, which is currently in its third version. We have back-bone connections to six worldwide provider. This new-generation Intelligent Network-paltform connects incoming calls to any destination, while adding extensive IVR-functionality.

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