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Complete control over your service number

Activate your service number via the Call Factory and gain access to an extensive suite of extra functions including statistics, call-recording, announcement text, options menu, queue, voice2email and much more.

All these extras give you complete control over your Freephone or premium rate number.

Read all about the Call Factory’s extra functions.

The Call Factory control panel is available from any desktop and mobile device.

Customer case study examples

Organisations like yours have used our numbers to successfully:
  • manage evening- and weekendshifts for general practices
  • distribute high-volume telephone traffic across call centers, for example after running TV ads
  • set up and run virtual call centres, employing remote workers as agents
  • running technical support or emergency lines
  • distribute calls to the nearest sore for a pizza order line
  • deliver beer and other beverages, around the clock, through a nation-wide network of liquor stores

The most complete set of features

Many toll-free and premium-rate number providers charge extra for additional features. It is not uncommon that you have to pay extra to use prerecorded messages, a phone menu, a call queue or voice2email. Each of these can easily cost you 10 to 75 euros a month extra.

We believe these features are so important, that they should be part of the standard package, included with every number. That is why we have included all these features in your monthly subscription fee.

What number type is right for you?

"I am not sure what to choose: a freephone, premium-rate or national number!"

Our free e-book Getting started with servicenumbers includes clear explanations and checklists to help you choose the best number type for your organisation: